Welcome to Medisera, a new medical supplies company focused on importing, distributing, and selling cutting-edge equipment to both public and private stakeholders.

From our head office in Limassol, our team members are ready to assist should you have any questions or queries. In the meantime, we warmly invite you to explore our website in acquainting yourselves with the framework of our business.

About us

Medisera’s sphere of operation is three-fold:

  • First, we seek out innovative and superior quality medical equipment, establishing partnerships with esteemed manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.
  • Secondly, we work closely with our clients, heeding their feedback and guidance to be able to match them with the most suitable supplies for their unique needs.
  • And, finally, we import and distribute the relevant supplies, serving stakeholders active within both the public and private sectors.

Why choose us?

Medisera’s activities are driven by a simple yet powerful motto:

Patient Care Comes First

As such, we:

  • Listen to our clients. What are the challenges of your workplace? Are you in need of more effective and efficient technology? Do you know what you want to achieve but do not know how to get there? We ask the relevant questions and listen to your answers in being able to customise solutions accordingly, matching you with the equipment and supplies that best suit your circumstances.
  • Nurture our network. In ensuring that patient care comes first, we seek new product lines and cutting-edge innovations via a distinguished network of medical supplies manufacturers. In nurturing our network thus, we guarantee the distribution of only the highest quality medical devices and equipment to be used by hospitals, doctors, and patients.
  • Promise competitive prices. Whilst importing and distributing medical equipment of superb calibre and enviable innovation, we work with our network to be able to deliver these competitive products at equally competitive prices.