MediSera Ltd is dealing with resourcing, importing, stockholding and management of Medical Devices.

MediSera Ltd maintains an excellent reputation of delivery, choice, service and quality coupled with its impressive of ability to meet all customer specifications will undoubtedly ensure continued success. The company's commitment and expertise to the resourcing and supply of clinical products is the competitive advantage, which stands up to the high-quality service.

The company's mission and strength are the ability to provide customers a high-quality service which in essence, it is a call, for a total commitment to excellence. This is enforced by our business strategy that couples profitability and competitiveness by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers in a way that promotes their respect and mutual loyalty.

MediSera Ltd Quality Policy is to always provide its customer with best quality services and treatments through its continuous improvement, which is based on sincere customer feedback, teamwork, within the company and in conjunction with our Suppliers and Customers.

Through an on-going investment, MediSera Ltd aims to attain best-in-Class facilities, people and market research. Our Priority for decision-making purposes are:

  • Health & Safety
  • Quality
  • Schedule
  • Cost

Our aim is to develop lasting partnership with customers who demonstrates standards and practice consistent with our own.

This Policy can only be accomplished by developing, establishing and maintaining a quality management system that encompassed all of the company's personnel and activities. The people, who are the MediSera Ltd, are dedicated professionals who take pride in the effort to make MediSera Ltd a standard for its competition to imitate. MediSera Ltd is committed to working with its people to establish the supportive environment, teamwork and discipline processes needed to accomplish our stated goals.

The quality management system has been approved by all levels of management with the mission to affirm that all services provided will meet or even exceed requirements classified by the company's customers.